Stanley H2.0 Personalized Name Plate Topper

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Dress up your cup! These fun toppers make your tumbler fun and unique and make a perfect gift. The best part about these name plates is that you can switch them out any time!

These name plates will fit the Stanley 40oz. H2.0 tumbler. If you have the 20 or 30 oz. tumbler, PLEASE make a note of it in the notes section. By default, I will create these to fit 40oz. tumblers. These name plates are designed to sit right on top of your cup and look beautiful. They will stay in places as long as you do not turn your cup upside down.

Choose from 9 different designs and mix and match with the name color options! This allows you to create a unique topper for your cup!

PLEASE NOTE: The Christmas cake pattern (Design A and B) can be engraved, revealing the red color. None of the other name color options can be engraved. You can choose engraving OR any of the other name color choices for Designs A and B.