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Take a look at some of the projects I have to offer! These will give you some ideas on what we can offer for your guests if you'd like to host a workshop. If you have any questions at all or want to book a workshop, please email me at

18" Happy Fall Sign

This project includes your choice of stain or paint for the backer, 3D leaves and lettering, and a simple burlap bow. (Big "Boujie Bow" shown and floral embellishments are available at a small upcharge.)

18" Hello Pumpkin Sign

I love all things leopard and I couldn't resist adding it to this pumpkin! Includes stain, paint, and all cutouts shown!

18" Hey There Pumpkin Sign

This project includes stain and paint for the backer, 3D lettering, and a basic burlap bow. (Larger "Fancy Bow" shown is available at a small upcharge.)

18" Trick or Treat Sign

You can't go wrong with a candy corn patterned backer! I love the bold simplicity of this one! Includes lettering and simple bow shown.

18" Gingham Happy Halloween Sign

Now this gingham technique is my absolute FAVORITE to do and to teach! You will be amazed at how simple and quick this gingham pattern comes together! Includes lettering and simple bow shown.

18" Hey Boo Sign

Hands-down a customer favorite, this Hey Boo sign is definitely a fun one! Includes paint, stain, ghosts stencil, ribbon for the simple bow shown as well as a 3-bead tassel embellishment.

Interchangeable Sign

This cute desktop sign is so versatile! We create the base sign at every Interchangaeble workshop + your choice of insert. Come back to later workshops to create MORE inserts!

Pumpkin Truck Insert

A fall fave! This one is timeless and VERY popular for the interchangeable choice.

31 Halloween Insert

I LOVED creating this ombre background! Looks yummy enough to eat! This one is a great add-on for a fall workshop!

Hello Fall Insert

Another example of a CUTE fall insert to do with the interchangeable sign. Love this blue color for fall!

Spooky Web Insert

Such a fun spider web design for Halloween! I love this insert - it is the perfect blend of spooky and cute!

Pumpkin HOME Insert

Simple, cute and will get plenty of use! Great for September through November!

Custom Ragtie Ghost

This one's for the kiddos! Cutest little PERSONALIZED ragtie ghost that is perfect to hang on doors!

Pumpkin Spice Earrings

Wanna wear your art? Book an earring workshop! We will paint (with acrylic paint PENS) and stain these fun earrings. I will walk you through how to put them together. All hardware included!

Halloween Earrings

These earrings are SO cute and OH SO MUCH FUN to paint and put together! Don't be intimidated by this project -- it's SO much easier that you think!