Welcome to BrownCow Creatives! My name is Emily Brown and I am a Graphic Designer, former Kindergarten teacher, font maker, lover of all things creative and owner and creator of this little slice of virtual heaven. I am so excited to help you create the perfect gift for your family, friends, or clients. 

This little adventure of mine started back in 2013 when my first daughter, Olivia, was born. I was searching for the PERFECT first birthday invitation and when I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for, I made my own. When a dear friend suggested I sell the digital version of the invitation on Etsy, I was intrigued. After mustering up the courage to do it, I finally opened my very own Etsy shop, put that first invitation in there, and the rest is history! After my first sale, I was incredibly motivated to add more and more things. I added more invitations, clip art, and even learned how to make my own fonts. I partnered with a printing company and offered printed versions of my invitations, some of which are still available in my original Etsy shop today! I bought my first Cricut -- an Air Explore in 2015 after a fellow teacher friend introduced me to hers. I fell IN LOVE with it and started creating my own SVG files to bring to life all the creations I could imagine. And after I used my Cricut for about 5 years and got pretty comfortable with it, I started learning more about the laser world, which are like Cricuts on incredibly strong steroids. Ha! (Related: I am also a Cricut Contributing Artist now!) In August 2022, I took one of the biggest risks to date to grow my business and bought my first laser -- a Glowforge. All I can say is that I am SO GLAD God gave me the strength to do it! After only 7 months, I had outgrown that laser and bought ANOTHER ONE, a made-to-order Aeon Mira 7. It is on its way and coming in October 2023! 

As you can see, my creative journey is one that is ever-evolving. I've graduated from digital offerings to printed invitations and SVG files and now to custom, laser-made gifts, decor -- and now my absolute FAVORITE thing to date: CREATE Workshops! I draw most of the projects I provide at my workshops -- and then cut those drawings out on my laser. My laser-cut wood pieces make for the CUTEST three-dimensional projects and I love creating new designs! You will also see my laser creations in my Laser Files sections -- as I am sharing my creations with the laser maker world!

I live here in Louisville, Kentucky with my husband of 15 years, our two sweet and sassy girls, Olivia and Gracie, and our wild labrador, Sally.

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading a little about me! Drop me a line if you ever have any questions about anything. I love hearing from other people!