The Boujie Bow

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The Boujie Bow is on her own level, as you may suspect. She's got it all -- multiple patterned ribbons, all the loops, and floral or seasonal embellishments. She's my personal favorite and the only type of bow I put on my personal projects.

Ribbon pattern and embellishments will be dependent of the project. Examples of embellishments may include seasonal stems and sprays, glitter embellishments, greenery or other floral additions, and any and every fun extras I can find! You will be able to choose 2-3 patterned ribbons and 2-4 different additions for your bow with this add-on.

Pictured bows are sample Boujie Bows and may not necessarily be the ones you will make, but hopefully they give you an idea of the type of bow you're getting yourself into with this add-on. 😜