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Signature Blend Font, Fonts for Commercial Use, Fun Fonts, Handwritten Font, Craft Font, Fonts for Etsy Sellers


Introducing Signature Blend! This fun, whimsical font is all amped up on caffeine and ready to be used in your next craft project.

Signature Blend is provided as a TTF. Included is a ZIP file with the TTF itself, my terms of use, and my logo, for credit purposes. Please make sure you know how to unzip this file type before purchasing.

Preview images are for demonstration purposes only. Nothing except the font is being sold in this listing.


The purchase of this font includes personal use or small commercial projects. File sharing of this font is strictly prohibited. You also CANNOT use my font in SVG files for sale.

Personal Use: use for at-home projects, personalized birthday or greeting cards, or any type of Cricut or Silhouette cutting project, though this particular font is very abstract and may not be suited for cutting machines.

Small Commercial Use: use for printable or printed designs such as invitations or cards. You may also use my fonts for tangible goods such as t-shirts or bags, and you can also use this font as an integrated part of a design on any POD website (for example, Logo and business card creation is also ok. You may also use this font on your website design!

Extended use requires extra licensing. Examples of extended use would be using my font for embroidery, or for commercial projects that will yield greater than 1,000 sales. Please contact me for extended licensing.

By purchasing this font, you agree to my terms of use and you agree that you understand how to install and use True-Type fonts. No refunds will be given for fonts under any circumstance. Font has intentionally hand-written, funky features.

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