Whew! Um, September is almost over. What?! I can hardly believe it myself. I honestly am a little excited about cooler weather, fires, and covering up my Corona 15 with comfy sweaters and cardis. Ahhhh.

So, how's life in the classroom, says you? It's great. I'm fine. We're all fine. EVERYTHING IS FINE. Seriously, though it isn't that bad. I mean, yes I hate the mask thing and it's a little silly that the kids can't share things (and let's be honest, they probably do anyway), but we've only had 3 cases of the Rona in our school and we are doing a stellar job at containing it because none of those times did we have an "outbreak". It's actually pretty telling of the virus. Makes ya think....Hmmm......

I wanted to post a few things that I've been doing/seeing/spending money on lately. First, I am about halfway done with my morning work bundle. Which, incidentally, is working out great because I am actually using it in my classroom and the kids have really loved it. They think they're all big and it's so adorable. They already know how to write the digital date. They're FIVE and writing the digital date. I'm so proud!! I have through December DONE, so I'm bundling it as a Growing Bundle, which means it's super cheap-o right now. I love this morning work for several reasons. 1) Spiral review all year long -- so skills we learn now will come up several times over the next months. Key to keeping all that good learning stuck in their little brains. 2) It's EDITABLE, so I can make the date whatever I want, I can make the sight words whatever I want (I can even differentiate it if I want to get super fancy) 3) It's predictable, so I don't have to offer huge explanations of how to do it during those busy mornings when Jonny forgot his lunch, Suzy is crying because she misses mommy, and when Steven walks in and gets sick all over my floor. It's all fine because the kids can keep happily working and they know exactly what to do! We're all fine! 

So now that I have December done and I know for sure I am committed to getting this entire bundle done (I have to because I actually USE it!!) -- I wanted to bundle it and get it up so you guys can snag this while the price is so low. Right now, the price is $13.60, but as I add more months, the price will increase. It will eventually be priced at $32.55, so that's a pretty good savings right there. I love a good deal. ;) Buy in now and you will get all of the rest of the months that I add for free. Dates for releases are included, too. I'm on it! 

The next thing I've been working on is designing some fun halloween stuff. So October is my 2nd favorite craft month. (Duh, December.) I LOVE making little Halloween goodies and now that my lettering skills are getting better, I've been practicing my hand-lettering for some designs for SVG files. SVG (scalable vector graphic) files can be used for lots of fun crafts, specifically for cutting on Cricut or Silhouette machines. (I'm still not that great at the lettering part, so I've enlisted the help of my favorite font designers for these, but my Christmas ones will feature my own actual hand-lettering.) The possibilities are literally endless with these types of files. Make stencils to paint wood signs, cut vinyl out to place on mugs, shirts, wine glasses, cut leather to make earrings -- SO MANY things!  And if you're a teacher (which I bet you are if you're reading this) -- I bet you're crafty. So try them out! My latest SVG files are pictured below. (Images are clickable.)

I made a September wreath, too. I love all things pumpkin, but September is still a bit early to be pumpkin-ing, so I made apples the feature in this little guy. I couldn't find an apple sign at Hobby Lobby because pumpkins steal the show (so sad) -- so what do I do? I MAKE a sign, of course! The sign in the middle of this wreath was made from a blank wooden sign at HL that cost $3. Then I made an SVG and cut it out on stencil vinyl on my Cricut. Painted that sucker and voila! An apple wreath fit for a September porch. (Click the pic to visit my shop on DesignBundles where you can snag this SVG for a whopping $2.00!)


So there's that! I LOVE these fun projects and that doormat is life right now, so I will probably make that soon for my cute little porch. Pics to come! 

Last, I can't stop shopping. Whoops!  I bought something else from my favorite online boutique, Coffee to Cocktails. I am a bit obsessed, truth be told. C to C is owned by two adorable friends, one of whom you might know in the teaching world -- Mrs. Cara Carroll, the cutest little former teacher there ever was and Mrs. Ashley Shibley, the cutest little friend there ever was. That little team is precious and their clothes are amazing to boot! This is my latest splurge. (Don't tell Glenn.) Check out C to C if you like clothes. Or earrings. Or shoes. 

Lots of other fun things in the works, folks! I have pretty much mastered the whole "How are we gonna do centers" thing.  It's a bit of work, but it definitely can be done. I'm working on something else that I think is gonna be pretty useful and will hopefully have that up and ready to share within the next few weeks. I will share that as well as some tips and tricks for managing kindergarten centers in this mess. Can I just say I can't wait until the day where this virus isn't the only thing we talk about? Ugh.

I'm a busy gal! Thanks for reading!


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