With all of this "no sharing of materials" and "social distancing" talk, I am increasingly growing anxious about how this school year is going to look. Mostly, I am just so sad for our kids because this is going to be a year unlike any we have ever seen. I honestly do not know how in the world we are going to pull it off! I'm trying to come up with more and more fun ways to allow our students to remain safe, but also to have a little fun. 

Morning Work has always, for me, been a staple. I think it is a must. In my classroom, students trickle in anywhere from 7:30 to 7:45 and school starts right at 7:50. When my students come in and unpack (Lord knows what that will even look like this year!), they make their lunch choice and head to their desks for a quick spiral review. My morning work is designed so that students know what to expect each week. They will know the format and so once I teach that format, they can pretty much do it independently for the rest of the school year. My morning work is also EDITABLE, so you can customize the date and sight words to fit your students' needs. This means that you can use this morning work in any order, so if you are working on the alphabet in a different order than I might be, you can use whichever page you need. :) 

For the first few days of school, I created a FREEBIE that you can download right now by clicking here. This is all about students' names. They practice writing their first and last names and do a few more fun activities using their names. I also like to change it up and have them do the worksheet using a friends' name after the first day. 

I have the first two quarters completed, and you can view those by clicking here. I should have the last 2 quarters complete before the end of the summer. 

I hope you find this useful! 


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