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Green and Gold Arrow Drop Earrings, St. Patrick's Day Arrow Earrings

How fun are these?! These pretty earrings feature hunter green pearl, clear gold fleck, and seagrass colored acrylic and are finished with a pretty brushed-gold topper! These earrings are perfect for green-lovers everywhere, but even more perfect for St. Patrick's Day. Measures 2.5" in length, and SUPER lightweight!

❥ Green pearl acrylic
❥ Clear gold-fleck acrylic
❥ Sunlit Seagrass acrylic
❥ Brushed gold-plated brass arch topper and post


These earrings are small and may present a choking hazard if swallowed. Please keep these earrings out of reach of small children. Jewelry should never be worn in the shower, pool or bed, and it should never be placed in the mouth due to risk of choking.


Please make sure you read the care card that is included with your purchase. Please do NOT get these earrings wet!