Occupational Stud Earring Gift Sets for Teachers, Bakers, Yogis, Crazy Plant Ladies, and Camping Lovers

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These sweet stud earrings were a labor of love and I am so thrilled with how they turned out! I have so many people in my life that inspired me to create these earrings! Shout out to my mom and sissy for the plant lady idea, my mom (again) for the yoga idea, my sweet friend Amanda (Klug Creative Co.) for the baker set idea, my sister-in-law Amanda, who loves to camp, and all of my sweet teacher friends that never cease to amaze me. These are for you! 


  • Hand-drawn designs (with the exception of the camping ones—I supported another small business for those!), laser-cut on white birch wood]
  • Each earring was hand-painted by me (and a few were hand-painted by my dear friend, Gwen, who helped crank these out with me!)
  • Nickel-free iron findings
  • Comes with 3 pair  per gift set, packaged in a cute little ready-to-gift box, complete with the engraved card for each respective set 

There earrings are studs, which means they are tiny at .5”. PLEASE keep them away from babies! Though they have been sealed with an acrylic sealer, they are NOT waterproof, so please don’t get them wet!