It's officially after Thanksgiving, so the green light is ON! It's CHRISTMASTIME, y'all! Heck yeah! I don't know about you guys, but my online ordering hits an all-time high in December. I have so many deliveries because I just HATE going to the stores. Plus, Covid. So I'll just stay in and shop from my couch in my pjs, mmmk, thanks.

I think the idea of leaving some treats for all of the delivery drivers is such a nice thing to do, and I am jumping on board with it. I went to the grocery this morning and stocked up on some candy, soda, water, and chips to leave on my porch for the {hundreds of} delivery drivers that will be visiting. I made a little sign to add to it and laminated it with my Scotch laminator. I will replenish the treats as necessary. I really do hope it makes someone's day to see this waiting for them. I encourage everyone to spread the cheer and do this for the month of December (and even beyond if you order a lot, like me!) Click here to download the printable sign for free.

I also wanted to spread the word about the Ultimate Dollar Deal that is going on right now over at It is the BIGGEST sale of the year with over 18,000 products on sale for ONE DOLLAR each! Fonts, clip art, backgrounds, mockups, Procreate brushes, and SVG files galore. Bundles of designs for a buck, it's insane. I have already stocked up on about 300 new fonts (my guilty pleasure), and TONS new mockups for showing off my designs. My Magic of Santa bundle still has some copies left (there's only 500 copies of each product available for $1 and then they're gone) -- and it is A STEAL. Beyond a steal. It's really thievery!!! Ha! This bundle includes my editable letter for Santa AND Nice List certificate templates, my best-selling Treats for Santa Tray SVG, a Santa Sack SVG, my Santa boot print template AND MORE for a buck. A single BUCK!!!! I use my Santa letter every year, and if you've been on my blog for any amount of time, you know how obsessed I am with my Santa Tray. Ha! You will NOT regret getting this bundle, I promise. It's a dollar and you get EVERYTHING in that bundle. Tell your friends!! 

Below is my Santa letter template. You will be able to edit the template using Adobe Reader (free, click here). Same for the Certificate. (I've also included some pretty detailed instructions in the download so you can understand more about how it works.)

I am also LOVING the idea of the Santa boot prints. I did this over the summer, and I have been patiently waiting to show you! Below is a picture of the final product and below that is the video that shows you exactly how I did it. I used flour and white glitter and I cut out the stencils just on regular, sturdy card stock. They cut perfectly -- I was thrilled with the result! This is also included in that bundle!! 

I hope you enjoy the freebie and I hope you check out the Dollar Deal sale and score some amazing goodies! All of the images will take you to my Dollar Deal -- and you can also click here

Gift ideas to come later in the week! 


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